Sunday, May 25, 2014

India Shining from mid 2015 – “Achche Din Aane Wale hain”

Narendra Modi is going to sworn in as Prime minister of India on 26th may. There are too many expectations from the new government. We Indians want the instant result. And most of my readers are frequently asking about the performance of the government which has still not taken charge from the previous one. In my previous blog post i wrote that coming four moths may be challenging and many one got disappointed. And they started asking me why i am disappointing them told them that i shall write what i analyse from the chart of the country  am providing my analysis about the country now. And here i am discussing only about “achche din”.
India till September 2014
By Indian independence chart India this is seen that till September there are few troublesome periods and little good news for country as about the steps will be taken regarding the black money. The details can be viewed in my previous post.
India from September 2014 till September 2015
From 9th September 2014 till 10th September 2015 nation will be running in there Sun – Venus vinshottary dasha phase. Though Venus is combust bit this is placed in the third house with four more planets forming many rajyogas. From june 2014 exalted Jupiter will be transiting over these five planets. This will be auspicious and the nation will progress. But some bad effects are also seen because of bad afflictions of ketu and Saturn. This will be good time for the economy and development of the country.
India Shining from 2015
India will be running in the vinshottary dasha of third lord moon since September jaimini from august 2015 the country will be running in the meena rashi mahadasha .this will be a time of rise for the country. Till then all the planets will be in favourable transits which are very adverse now.
From republic day horoscope from January 2015 India will be running in the meena rashi jaimini dasha phase. And from February 2016 country will be running in the Jupiter – mercury vinshottary dasha. Her Jupiter being lagna lord is placed in the eleventh house with venus and sun which shows a new kind of governance. Many research and developments are seen after 2016.mercury being fourth and seventh lord is well placed in the tenth house.
Good years for economy
See the lagna lord of republic day horoscope, the constellation of Jupiter is of moon and sub constellation is mercury the fourth and seventh lord. Jupiter dasha is running since 2011.moon being fifth lord is placed in the second house of investments, gross national product and gross national product, financial health of the country. This also signifies the financial transactions, stock market banks; capacity of nation to raise funds export and imports. So Indian economy will be on boom after February 2016.and the manufacturing sector will be on priority. There seems much focus on investments since 2016.i am going to write a detailed prediction on health of economy keeping the current situation in mind. So from year 2015 and 2016 the nation will start rising. “achche din aane hi wale hain”.
After four years gap i am once again going to start the series – Man Woman Relationship.

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