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Planetary combinations for first child Male baby

Planetary combinations for first child Male baby

Hindu astrology and few other ancient books explain everything about pregnancy and childbirth. But many important facts such as predicting the sex of the child. Very few Brahman families and the yogis of mountains still have those secret. I came in touch with a few of those sacred souls recently. About 20 percent Indian has nothing to do with the sex of their child. Foeticide is still experienced in many parts of the country. Astrology may help to stop these crimes by indicating parents about what is written in their lot. The horoscope indicates about the numbers, longevity, sex, health and prosperity of the child. Despite all these things everyone seems curious to know the sex of the child before the birth. Though I am not going to reveal these secrets here because this will be unethical and immoral. But at the same time I would like to tell all the important facts here in this series so that no one could be misguided by the name Hakeem astrologers.

Planetary position for first child Male baby In next series I'll discuss other planetary combinations such as planetary combinations for the only male babies. Here are the four planetary combinations for the first child male baby.

 1) Fifth lord of the horoscope D1 should be placed in the Lagna and should be aspected by Jupiter.

 2) Fifth lord of the horoscope should be male planets and these planets should occupy male signs only. Male planets are Sun, Jupiter and Mars and sometimes Rahu and the male rashish are all the even rashish such as 1,3,5,7,9,11.

3) Three planets, moon, Mars and Venus should be placed in dual character signs or rashis such as 3,6,9,12.

 4) The planets in the fifth house and seventh house should be a strong male planet.

Above four planetary combinations promise for the first child male baby. There are different planetary combinations for the different patterns such as only male or female babies, first child, female, female child after many male babies or male babies after female babies. To be continued ...

किन ग्रह स्थितियों में होगी प्रथम संतान पुत्र

किन ग्रह स्थितियों में होगी प्रथम संतान पुत्र -
1.कुंडली के पाँचवें घर का स्वामी लग्न में स्थित हो और बृहस्पति से दृष्ट हो !
2.पंचमेश पुरुष ग्रह (सूर्य गुरु या मंगल) हो और पुरुष राशि (1,3,5,7,9,11) में हो !
3.तीन ग्रह चंद्र मंगल और शुक्र द्विसभाव राशियों में हो !
4.पाँचवें और सातवें घर में पुरुष ग्रह हो और बलवान हो तो इन 4 स्थितियों मे प्रथम संतान पुत्र होगी !
प्रथम संतान पुत्री होने के अलग योग होते हैं ! सिर्फ़ और सिर्फ़ पुरुष संतानें ही हों और चाह कर भी कन्या संतान हो इसके भी अलग अलग ज्योतिषीय योग होते हैं ! पर इसमें सारी बातें बताना उचित नहीं होगा ! अगली पोस्ट में संतान से संबंधित अन्य योगों का वर्णन होगा जैसे गर्भधारण का समय जानना !  

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